Next week Media Evolution The Conference is taking place in Malmö. The Conference will focus on who the media industry’s future audiences are, the technology we communicate with and how we create and consume media. Yesterday, Henriette Weber wrote the second piece in a blog relay to put focus on some of the conference sessions. Tomorrow I’m handling the baton to Fredrik Wass.

New York

Welcome to my blog! This is where I spend a great deal of my time since I like to gather everything I do online and collect it here. In addition to daily updating this blog I keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram and Gmail approximately one million times a day and I also check Facebook, Flickr and Google+ regularly, even though most of the time nothing has really happened. I think I look forward to the energy I get from likes, comments and mentions and I also love to give that right back!

I just got home from Sweden Social Web Camp where people are just like me. A bunch of connected nerds. It’s nice in many ways but it’s also an excuse to keep going. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the amount of time I spend online and especially what kind of image I have on the web and what I should do with it.

Next Wednesday, The Conference will offer some sweet irl meetups, just like SSWC did, but most of all some truly great discussions. I especially look forward to the session ”How to live a hyperconnected life … or do the complete opposite.” Perhaps because it relates to my feelings of being addicted to the social web.


This summer I got the chance to go down to the countryside in Småland in the south of Sweden for a weekend visit. I was warned by my friend that there would be no electricity in the house and that thought excited me. Not at first I must admit but when I sat on the train, passing by all the small towns, it felt like the perfect way to spend a vacation.

Unfortunately, it turned out my friend was just messing with me! We did have electricity and maybe that worked out for the best but I can’t let go of the feeling that it would be pretty nice to have a couple of days without any online updates and use my smartphone exclusively for phone calls.

That’s why I’m very curious to hear what Susan Maushart, the author of ”The Winter of Our Disconnect” have to say about her experience. She and her family did just that. They went from sleeping with their iPhones to living six months without electricity. I wonder what that was like? I can’t wait to find out!